Looking after your jewellery

This guide will help you to keep your RayRae London jewellery looking its best for as long as possible. There are many factors that can influence the wear and tear of your jewellery but above all it is important to remember that jewellery is delicate and needs to be looked after carefully so you can enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

Gold plated jewellery can be susceptible to scratches and dents. Be careful when wearing and always remove when playing sport.

Take your jewellery off before swimming as exposure to chlorine or salt will weaken the gold’s structure and eventually lead to it breaking.

Put your jewellery on last when getting ready as makeup, perfume, hairspray, and lotions will in the longterm damage the appearance of your necklace.

Don’t wear your jewellery in the shower as a build up of shampoo and soap will leave a film on the necklace and degrade the gold plating.

To clean your jewellery and restore its shine we recommend that you use a jewellery polishing cloth to gently rub the surface. Do not use a polishing agent or abrasive liquids as these will wear away the layers of gold.


      Every piece of RayRae London jewellery bought directly from our website is covered by a 6 month warranty upon receipt of a valid proof of purchase. Our products are very delicate, therefore occasionally we do have faulty items. If this happens to you, please get in touch with us at info @ rayraelondon .com with the order number, description and images of the faulty product.